Thonet & Vander M6 90W 6.5

M6 STUDIO MONITOR SPEAKER - Flat, Precise, Professional

Overcome your limits. The quality and perfection of the M6 studio flat sound is the result of the highest level of excellence. It has a classic aesthetic, with fine vanguard details. Its exquisite and elegant design makes it the perfect fit for all professional recording and rehearsal studios. M6 studio is a wonderful speaker known for its clear, precise and flat sound. With a powerful and crystal clear definition, it is the perfect fit for a professional space.




Adjust the amplifier's gain to a fix value when the input level exceeds a predetermined limit. This allows maintaining a low level of distortion even when using the maximum volume.


Devides the frequencies through active filters, before amplfying the sound. Two amplifiers are specially configured for working in each frequency range, providing a greater accuracy on the division and enhancing speakers' response.

  • Power Output : 90W RMS
  • Frequency Response : 45Hz - 20kHz
  • With ALC (Auto level Control)
  • Crossover Filter : Third order/ 18dB per octave
  • Woofer 6.5" x 1 @ 4ohm 80W (Aramid Fiber composite)
  • Tweeter 1" x 1 @ 4ohm 30W (Silk)
  • Controls: Volume / High Frequency Selector
  • Inputs : XLR & TRS Balanced/ RCA mono Unbalanced
  • Input Impedance : 10ohm unbalanced/ 22ohm balanced