Thonet & Vander VERTRAGBT 36W Classic 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker

2.0 SPEAKER (High response and performance)

VERTRAG™ is a new way of listening to music. In this product we  can appreciate a geometric design where fine details in the lateral angles add a fresh and dynamic note. It has the ability to provide class and elegance to every room.

Each speaker has a 4-inch woofer made of cane lignin fiber. This natural polymer is ultra-durable and lightweight, optimizing the driver´s performance. The upper suspension ring is made of rubber, allowing greater displacement sensitivity. 

Its 0.5 inch tweeter is made entirely in silk. This type of fiber is known for being very light and responsive, allowing reproducing treble frequencies in a pure and crystalline way. The suspending ring also contains silk, which optimizes the accuracy by allowing extremely thin beats.



Hammer Bass

Allows playing the bass sounds in a deeper and adjusted way. It enables to magnify the impact of bass frequencies, dynamic and deeply perceived, even when playing at high volume

Drone FX

Provides a clear and natural sound enhances the detail in the entire frequency range. After years of development we have managed to create a realistic and authentic sound with greater fidelity.


It is a natural polymer of high density that generates a rigid and dense material. These properties prevent vibration and leakage of sound, enabling a more accurate, efficient and sustainable performance.


It is a resonance system that increase the bass response of the controller and optimize the efficiency and performanjce of the low frequencies.

Weight 16.5 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 9.6 x 11.6 in
Peak Power 230
RMS Watts Detail 18 + 18
Frequency Response 65Hz – 20 kHz
Distortion 0.1% – 1W
S/N 60dB, +4dBu
Separation -40dB
Bluetooth 4.1
Transmission Distance Extended 20m – 30m
Voltage MV
Tweeter Size .5"
Tweeter Material Silk
Tweeter Impedance / Power 4 Ohm / 20W
Woofer / Subwoofer Size 4"
Woofer / Subwoofer Material Cane Lignin
Acoustic Box Material HDAA Wooden box
Acoustic Box Dimensions 161 x 190 x 240 mm